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Live for the moment,everything else is uncertain xx
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I’ve stop counting boys tattoos…

There’s no way i can count them,ahah

Louis' birthday

Louis:i dont know about you
Louis:but i'm feeling 22 HAAHAH
have you ever been sexually attracted to a voice
just-make-up asked: Hello :} I am Adriana. How are you? I am designer, I would you mind checking my blog? Also, I need to ask you a favor.. I am saving for design casses next year and would appreciate if you could check out an advertisement on my blog by clicking on it (It is this box on top of my blog with ad showing on in) It is VERY IMPORTANT to stay at the site for 10-20 seconds an check out that page. Hope you can help out.;)) perhaps I can design something for you one day:)


Oh,nice to hear about your dreams. Of course i can :D No problem


i couldn’t stop myself im sry

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